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Watch some of our older webinars on demand.

Taking Control of Your SAP BI Deployment During Migration - The Santa Clara County SSA Story  

Ely Turkenitz joined us to discuss how Santa Clara County Social Services Agency (SSA) used APOS well managed BI solutions to take control of their SAP BI4 Environment during migration to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1. SSA needed to formulate deep system knowledge to understand the state of their SAP BI content, and to implement a content storage strategy that would allow them to migrate their content with confidence.


Conquering SAP BusinessObjects Content Chaos  

This webinar explores tips and tricks for reducing, preventing and managing the SAP BusinessObjects content chaos that arises from the growing volume of content and complexity of content requirements faced by BI platform managers and administrators. This volume and complexity is further complicated by the growing role of internal governance and regulatory compliance in the formulation of content storage strategies.


Automated Report Testing - Accelerating SAP BusinessObjects Migrations & Upgrades  

This webinar presents techniques for automating report and instance testing, and shows how you can rapidly increase migration and technology adoption, save time and money, and maintain confidence in your BI deployment in times of rapid change.


Advancing Healthcare BI with Efficient BI System Administration  

Healthcare BI platform managers and administrators face ever-increasing internal governance and external regulatory requirements, and resource limitations often prevent them from managing their BI deployment proactively as they would like. These managers and administrators need to find ways to do more with less. Host Jay Murdoch and APOS solution consultant Alan Golding present strategies for increasing SAP BusinessObjects BI awareness, collecting actionable BI information, and acting on that information using simplified and automated bulk management of your BI environment.


What's New in SAP Analysis for Office with SAP's Alexander Peter  

SAP’s Alexander Peter joined us to discuss what’s new and what’s ahead for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Office (Analysis for Office).


SAP Analysis for Office -Scheduling, Distributing, Managing  

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office is the BI information analysis and delivery tool of choice for many users, both because of its capabilities and its ease of use. If your organization is looking for ways to increase both of these features of Analysis for Office, then you should definitely attend this webinar. This webinar focused on strategies and techniques to improve the efficiency and reach of your Analysis for Office workflows and documents.


Managing SAP BI Content Delivery Chaos  

This webinar considered many aspects of a targeted information delivery strategy, including advanced bursting, automated document production, iInteractive process control, workflow monitoring, alerts & auditing, enhanced distribution, and encryption & integration.


SAPinsider Live Q & A with Jayne Landry, Ty Miller, Oliver Duvelleroy  

We were once again pleased to bring you a very informative SAPinsider Q & A, featuring some of SAP's most important thought leaders. This year, SAP's Jayne Landry, Ty Miller, Olivier Duvelleroy, Alexander Peter, David Stocker, Grégory Botticchio, and Adrian Westmoreland gave you the opportunity to pose your questions directly, learn what's new in BI 4.2, and explore the boundaries and synergies of the SAP BI 4.2 BI tool set.


What's New in SAP BI 4.2 with SAP's Sathish Rajagopal  

SAP’s Alexander Peter joined us to discuss what’s new and what’s ahead for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Office (Analysis for Office).


Delivering Better Healthcare BI with Advanced Query Mannagement  

Your BI query management capabilities are key to enabling the effective, efficient and secure interoperability of SAP BI with other healthcare information systems and workflows. The growing complexity in data access, sensitive data audit, and data accountability requirements are making BI query management more and more difficult. What can you do to counter this growing complexity? This webinar answers high-level and detailed questions about how to monitor, manage and audit your BI data connectivity both.


Reducing SAP BI System Chaos with Deep System Introspection  

A chaotic BI environment can prevent your BI administration team, and your information consumers, from realizing the full benefits of your BI system. Chaos can arise for many reasons, and a critical requirement to battle system chaos is the development of a deep knowledge of your deployment's structure, content, and usage. This webinar explores ways of developing these capabilities with reference to the APOS Insight solution.


Improving Healthcare BI with Proactive System Storage  

Formulating and executing an advanced, proactive Healthcare BI system storage strategy is essential to the protection of your content assets, and to the health of your BI system. The implementation of such a strategy is not merely a matter of convenience to your BI administration team, but is of great strategic value in managing healthcare information, and essential to realizing the full ROI potential of your BI system.


Web Intelligence Update with SAP's Frank Prabel & Gregory Botticchio  

SAP's Frank Prabel and Gregory Botticchio joined us to talk about the road ahead for SAP Web Intelligence. Web Intelligence is an integral part of the BI platform, which forms a trusted foundation for decision making across the enterprise.


Conquering SAP BI Administration Chaos  

This webinar explores SAP BI administration tips and techniques for reducing, preventing and managing the many activities, events and factors that create administrative chaos in your SAP BI environment.



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